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We offer more than just a Market Appraisal, whether you are looking to sell or rent your property

The Lockstones Group provides a free valuation service on request. Our valuation team have experience with every type of property in the Malmesbury and Tetbury areas, from Bungalows to Period properties to Country homes.

  • Our aim is to appraise whilst taking both the current state of the market and your personal needs into consideration.
  • On appraisal, if you wish to sell or rent your property you will have the opportunity to come onto the market with Lockstones Estate Agents.
  • We offer a complete spectrum of marketing strategies and materials to give your property the edge in the market.


Things we offer.

  • Bespoke Brochures
  • Fully detailed floor-plans
  • Feature in Quarterly Publication – 7500 Est reach
  • E-Mail & Phone Marketing
  • Inclusion on website – (Front page feature optional)
  • Listing on third party property sites – (Premium listing as standard)
  • Window cards
Bedroom Design



Are you thinking about becoming a Landlord? Here’s everything you need to do.

Book a Free Valuation by calling us on : 01666 338633

Our expert Lettings Managers will provide you with a free, no obligation valuation. We value properties daily and will compare yours with similar properties in the area, considering current market conditions such as the location, size, aspect and condition of your property, in order to assess the likely rental yield your property can expect to achieve.

Work out your preferred Length of tenancy

There are two types of tenancy durations for you to consider when letting a property.

Short lets are generally tenancy agreements of six months. Letting on a short term basis can be beneficial if you are looking to minimise void and have greater flexibility.

Long lets are tenancies of anything longer than six months. They allow landlords to enjoy peace of mind, with regular income for longer periods. As the landlord you are responsible for checking that your new tenants have set up accounts with utility companies, council tax and TV licensing.

After that, Leave the rest to us.


We find the right tenants for you.

When you instruct us, you will deal with an experienced local lettings team who know the area well. They will keep you informed on any and all prospective tenants interested in renting your property and what they thought about your property after the viewing. We will show prospective tenants around the property on your behalf, making sure it is convenient for you and any current tenants. It is always best to show off a property in daylight, but we also offer evening appointments. For more information on what to consider when you are decide on whether a tenant is right for your property

Referencing; securing your investment.

Once we have found the right tenants and you have accepted the tenant application, there is some important paperwork to be completed before the tenancy can start.

At this stage, the let is agreed in principle. This is when we carry out credit reference checks and talk you through any potential issues.

Now, Lets talk contracts.

After references are approved, we will put together the tenancy agreement that sets out exactly the terms of your contract with your tenant, including any special requirements you may have. We will send copies of the agreement to you and your tenant; all you have to do is check, sign it and send it back to us before the tenancy begins. We offer a digital signing service, which speeds up the process and is convenient for both the landlord and tenant. If you would prefer to sign your contracts manually, this option is also available.

What’s in your house stays in your house.

Finally, the inventory check is when the contents and condition of your property are recorded at the point when your tenants move in. We will give you and your tenant a copy of the inventory report and will do another inspection at the end of tenancy to check that nothing is missing or damaged.

The Security deposit; further securing your investment.

We will ensure you comply with legislation to protect all deposits. Before the tenancy starts, we collect the deposit and the first rent payment on your behalf. As soon as this money clears and we have the signed tenancy agreement from both the landlord and the tenant, occupants then can move in. For more information about the tenancy deposit scheme please visit

The inventory clerk will be there to check your tenants in for all managed properties. We usually recommend the same procedure for non-managed properties, however this is not compulsory and we will make sure they get the keys regardless. For managed properties, we provide the tenant with contact details of their dedicated property manager and for non-managed properties; we will pass on the landlord’s contact details to the tenant.

The bitter end.

A couple of months before the tenancy comes to an end, we will contact you and the tenant to find out your plans. If you are both happy to renew the tenancy, typically this will involve adjusting the price (up or down, depending on the market) and anything pre agreed in the original tenancy. However, it is also an opportunity to add or tailor other terms that both you and the tenant agree on.

If you or the tenant do not wish to renew the tenancy, you should check the contract to make sure the right amount of notice is served.

Your agent will then start working on a new marketing plan for your property. This can also be a good opportunity to carry out any maintenance that might be needed. The sooner all this can happen, the less time your property will be vacant before the new tenant moves in.

If the property is managed, your agent will handle the tenant’s exit, including organising the outgoing inventory and the return of the keys. They will also arrange the release of the deposit minus any agreed deductions. Then it is back to finding the right tenants and the process of finding the right tenant begins again.